My One & Only

by Christina ann odell
(fayetteville , arkansas uninted states)

you are my One & Only ....Nobody else could ever compare to you ... Not at all ... Not one little bit ... With you i know I'll never be lonely again... The emptiness I once had before has gone away forever more ... No other man could take you're place I can promise you this with no second thoughts ... No doubts in my mind ...Because a man like you is & was hard to find .... I couldn't let my one & only pass me by ... Especially the man I've prayed for my entire are everything in a man I could ever possibly want or need, no strings attached ... YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE I SEE...We've both had past relationships that were heartbreaking and full of lies of which we both are Sick & tired ... feeling like we wasted our time but baby that's a part of life you either learn or you don't..... I'll be here for you when nobody else wont ...You are my one & only for that I thank the good lord above Every day I'm counting my blessings...GOD sent you to me for a reason baby in you I trust there is no one else I'd rather be with .... it's you with whom I share my love you are My One & only ... I will prove to you with time ... You'll see that everything that I claim to be is actually reality ..... Then you can share you're life with me & be MY ONE & MY ONLY ............................... UNTIL THE END OF TIME...

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