My Own Planet

by Paarika

My wish is to own a planet,
With lots of birds and trees,
Greenery everywhere,
As far as you can see,

A land somewhere else,
Far far away,
Instead of 24,
A 50 hour day,

Burgers and ice-creams,
Are all healthy here,
Spinach and carrots?
No trace anywhere,

Chocolate rivers are here,
Toffees on the tree,
Food everywhere,
As far as you can see,

With a shake of hand,
You get what you need,
Weather it is a toy,
Or is it speed,

Wishing wells are here,
Toys everywhere,
Some on the tree ,
As far as you can see,

Here you can fly,
High above the sky,
You’ll love this planet,
Like nectar and butterflies

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