My Past

by Lauren

I'm trying my best; I really am, I swear,
It's just hard.
How can you get over something
that took years of your life?
How can you get over something
that still haunts you in your nightmares?

People tell me to just get over it.
I want to, I really do.
It hurts when people call me an attention seeker,
They don't know what I've been through,
Heck; they don't even know my name.

You want to know what I've been through?
My heart has shattered into a million pieces.
The light in my soul has dimmed,
and eventually turned into darkness.
And finally, my mind has been confused so many times;
it doesn't know what to believe anymore.

And finally, how can you get over your past
if it causes things in your present to happen?
Bad things.
It's because I'm a bad person.

I'm sorry.

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by: lucy

u are an epic poem writer twin i am so glad we are related.

I know how you feel.
by: Cynthis

It's really good to someone express that. i know how you feel. How do you get over something that is with you every minute of everyday, everywhere. And even if you were to get over it what would you do, where would you go. It's all different now. The life you dreamed about, the person you would become, the things you would do. Everyone has moved on. left behind and not a clue how to go about getting the life you want. And time is pushing on. More regrets. wondering what went wrong and fearing to live because you made such a disaster of it the first and second and third time.

you dont know whats in store for you... :D
by: S.W.J

pain as ive learned is a greater part of the process of being alive and so i say ..... no matter what happened you cant change it .. no matter what people said they can never understand what u truly are and can never unveil the kind of person you are.. so why care for someone who doesnt care for you???? beleve me ive had a friend with the same problem and hope i still have... but regret and feeling bad over what people have said and done will incinerate ur self confidence.. everyone is beautiful and im sure so are u so just try and believe in yourself and you'll find life much more pleasant... i promise... :)

by: Anonymous

Thankyou, I'm glad someone can realate, now I don't feel so alone- sorry if that sounds bad, its just nice to know that I'm not completly alone, you know?

can relate...
by: Shaista Khadim

I can relate to all your feelings and emotions..I've been through all this and still am going.The thing is that even when your closest friends urge you to move on,its just not as easy as it seems...Even then I would like to say
Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is Mystery
Today is a gift,that's why its called the Present.
PS.You are not bad person.No one is a bad person.Trust me when I say this.

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