My salute

by Tejas Maya
(NY, NY)

Hey warrior don’t think like that
You were great and gave your all
You have to believe that you are special and will ever be remembered
You made history and may peace come to you
You are my wounded warrior and we care for you
Hey buddy, do not think of death, please count the blessings
It is all in our head
We have choices to make while we are here
You made sacrifice so do not despair
What you have given is unfathomable
Rest be reassured and be able
Your time was unbelievable and you made history
Do not despair for any worry
You have given a gift for mankind
Your sacrifice is one of a kind
I know you struggle with the nightmares at night
The cries of help that you feel no one hears
But they are noted, and we want to blow cold air on those wounds
And make them heal and like they were never known
You gave yourself one hundred percent, you cared and you sacrificed with all your heart
We care and make it known
I want you to know that you are not just a number
You have a life story to share, and I am here to hear
I want you to be able to take the help
And embrace it with no fears
We talk and walk and do it together
The trust is paramount and I know you care
The illusions and delusions are now history we are faces with a life in new mystery
You have to make the most of what you can
Fight like a hero like you gave it all the chance
I want to say that you were great, and you can extend yourself once again
Every warrior has a story to tell
The sacrifice they made and the life they left behind
The honesty worn on the sleeves of the warrior filled with integrity to fight
You did what you did and we all salute the feat
And apologize for every emotion that you felt and yet played
The helplessness and the fear that you encountered
Is registered and we welcome you back warrior
I know I am here to give you help
Unveil the trust and embrace it fair
The numbness and the pain that you feel I care
Let you again breathe the fresh air

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Mar 29, 2017
My salute
by: Anonymous

Yes I have a story to tell. Which began as a legacy for my children. I just wanted you to know that you're the only person I trust to help me with it It is imperative that my story is told.
Thank you I really like My salute.

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