My School Is Full Of Mirrors

by Caneel

My school is full of mirrors
So the kids can sit and preen
Their eyes are big and shiny
Glazed over with a zombie-like sheen

I was the same as them all: paper-thin
Grey, background, the same, blended-in
Floating through halls, drifting along
Singing along to the same song

I wanted to change, I wanted to be
Free, like the birds, free free free FREE
But it seemed I was stuck, just suspended there
Like I was trying to breathe, but with no air

Then New Girl pranced in, utterly unaware
Her presence was striking, was attracting some stares
She seemed to glow, while they seemed to fade
Looking in the mirrors, lurking in the shade

They tried to turn her, just like the rest
She didn't know that she failed the test
New Girl was different, but she didn't know
Because of that, they'd put on a show

They show her what happens to people like her
Her glow grew bright; it caused them to stir
I felt strange from that glow... sort of warm
The others seemed to feel it and began to swarm

New Girl was scared out of her mind
She didn't know we were being kind
And as we pushed the Changers away
She screams a sound that's 'light of day'

A shout pure but terrified
It seemed we all

Her screams shatter the mirrors
Now no one can see who they are
What we've become

Know that


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Great poem.. President Obama was one day found
staring at a framed picture? He asked, Who moved
Nixon's picture? Someone answered, Sir that's a

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