My Semi-Precious Life

by Maria Hart
(Fairfax, VA)

Tears fall down my face
Like a stream that never ends
My head, so heavy
On a neck that just won't bend

My thoughts keep on racing
Like a runner in an upward wind
The ringing in my ears
Chime like a sound no one should hear

I am falling from a building
Where the ground has disappeared
And my lifeless body's calling out
"The end is ever so near!"

"Man, what are you doing here?"
My mind screams out to me
"Get out, you don't belong!"
As I struggle to believe

Is this life worth saving?
I ponder as I spiral
Perhaps, perhaps one day, I think
I will learn to love to live

With a thump I've finally landed
I get up on my knees to pray
"Dear God" I urge emphatically
"I wish to live today!"

I am alive...

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