My Side Of The Story.

by Dannie Johnson
(Chicago, IL)

They looking at me like A disgrace.
They feel Her Pain.
She's Broken Inside.
I Can See The Hate.
Her Friends Wanna Attack.
If It Was Truly My Fault.
I Would Crawl In A Dark Spot and Hide Away.
I Gotta Defend Me.
Protect The Truth.
How Am I Wrong.
How Could I Protect Her Heart
When Mines Was Preparing For Injury Too.
He Choose To Leave.
He Choose To Pick Me
He Knows Me in A Way No Other Person Does.
He Knows Way Too Much Of Me.
I Knew Nothing Of You.
He Played With Emotions.
But I Can't Share No More Of ME.
Forgetting Him. Is Like Losing Me.
Call Me Silly Or Stupid,
But I can't Help That This Heart Of Mines
Is Madly In Love With Him.

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