My Sisiter, Mom,and Best Friend

by J.R. Tankersley

Myra, You were my best friend through good times and bad,
The Angels came and got you three yrs ago,
People would say, You were like the apron and I was the String,
One wasn't without the other,
You always said you looked up to me,
But no, I looked up to you!!
I would give anything to be with you right now,
and you telling me things,
we both loved to ride and talk with each other.
To see you smile ,to Give you a Hug,
Oh how I wish I could!!
You are ALWAYS In my Heart and Soul,
till we meet again.
Never knew How much it would tear my heart up when they took you,
Guess it is one thing I can never get over!!
I miss you everyday and think of you ALWAYS!!
I will Always have you in My heart
and Memories, none can ever take that!!
And the day we meet again I will run to you with Open arms
and give you a Big hug!!
I love you and Miss you soo very much!!
I know though you don't have to suffer any more my sweet sister,
Me and you Always!!

Your Loving Brother J.R.!!!!

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