by Jennifer Chicoine
(Gaspe, Quebec, Canada)

I wouldn't trade her for the world
Side by side we will always be
My best-friend till the end
She means the world to me

We've shared many laughs
We've shared many tears
But when one needs the other
We know we’re always near

She’s someone who is there for me
Through thick and through thin
No matter what the situation
Because she’s my best-friend

We sometimes have our bad days
And don’t always agree
Which only makes us stronger
Best-friends we’ll always be

I’ll treasure all our memories
Until the end of time
From young till we grow old
A long way down the line

You’re more than just my sister
You’re a friend that is so true
You really mean so much to me
Without you I’d be so blue

So from my heart to yours
I’m grateful for all you've done
There’s no one who can take your place
You’ll always be number one

I ask myself this question
How lucky can I be?
To have the greatest sister of all
I’ll always love you, love me

Author's Note:
For you JONI, my sister, and my bestfriend

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