My Son, I Scolded You Because

by Kishan Negi
(Ghaziabad, U.P.(India))

My sweet and loving sun
you were born with curly hair
and silken cheeks
very often I had observed
a flame of inquisitiveness
in your dark black eyes
curiosity often leads to trouble
but you always proved it wrong
may be sometimes I scolded you
for your silly naughtiness
I now realize that naughtiness
adds flavor to childishness
but behind every scolding
there was an invisible motivation
and chants of inspiration
to understand the gravity of
the philosophy of mysterious life
do you remember that
you were the most obedient student
of the class and your class teacher
would often pamper
holding you in her arms
my message to my son
that no one else will scold you
as I scolded you
but remember that no one else
will love you as I loved you
since all I wanted was for you
to be the best son you could be
I always loved you, always love you
and shall always love you until
your Dad’s departure from your
dark and curious eyes

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