My Sunset Memory

by Twain Sawyer (@twainsawyer), Bailey Hunter (@Slave_To_Coffee), Andrew BC (@dre_65)
(The Universe)

We grieve
and laugh
in equal measure.
We sing in sorrow
and dance with pleasure
Such is the way
of life
As we watch the ships
pass by the dock wall
and out to sea
Time itself
seems slower now
Since I began measuring
your absence
instead of your presence
in my days.
Like autumn leaves
under foot
Will you remember me?
Remember us?
These nights are colder now,
Without you, without us.
I grieve
and laugh
in equal measure,
Through memories
of everything that is you.
Is it to you I owe this?
This feeling of hope
I pinned upon you
My sunset memory,
my beautiful goodbye,
my empty autumn stroll...


(A twitter poem compilation created February 24, 2011)

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