by Saamiya Khan

She is as lovely as a rainbow
She is as gentle as a dove
She is as busy as a bee
Caring always for me
She is so caring that even
She can sooth and calm down a crying baby
She is a gift from God sent
down to guide, teach and
take care of me.
She can't be replaced with anyone
As no one loves more than her
She is by my side in all ups and downs,
always encouraging and supporting me all time.
Her cute smile and happy face still gets me through my sad days.
She is funny and kind, always forgiving my mistakes.
When I was small, she taught me how to walk and talk.
She cries with me, she laughs with me.
There is no other person whom I love more than my mother.
She is the best person in the whole wide world.

Written by 10 year old girl for her mother!

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