My Thoughts

by dungheap36

Rain softly falls tonight as I lay here.  The television and lights are off.  I'm on my bed with my thoughts
as they are reflected on the back
of my closed eyes.

A gentle breeze pushes the rain drops lazily across my window.  I watch the action and realize it is both hypnotic and therapeutic.  

The reflected thoughts and images are as always yet slightly different:  a young woman in the company of an older man.  They appear in love, both of them happy and smiling.  

Lines are blurred, bodies seem as one then move away only to return as one again.  A continuous rhythm of love: sometimes angry, sometimes gentle and loving but always with purpose. 

Tears of joy... or pain?  Moans of ecstasy... or sadness?  If only the faces weren't blank.  If only I could see their eyes, full of expression, I would know.

The projection ends, my eyes blink open and I'm jolted back into reality.  I realize my heart is beating fast and a tear is on the brink... right at that point where it could pull back into me or stream lonely down my cheek.  

It is a tear of love, so I smile at my happiness and let it fall.

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