My Time (MT: empty)

by Ashley Pillay
(Gauteng, South Africa)

I, too, was consumed by the loneliness
And hatred I so despised
As the pain and confusion flowed through my veins
And fuelled my heart with anger and frustration
My ruthless pursuit for happiness withered away like dust in the wind
Left alone without my true love by my side
I saw my future dissolve into nothingness
My world shattered by the gluttony and resentment that dictated our lives
I thrived on the hatred to stay alive
My visions of a once happy future
Became blurry with every passing second
The entire universe had fallen prey
To the darkness that had overshadowed my existence
They, too, felt my hurt
They experienced my anger
And they rejoiced in my sorrow
Yes, I was alone but this was my time

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