My wellness day

by Janet Moore
(Cologne/ Germany)

Today is my wellness day...

I let my satin gown, that's been cascading loosely from my shoulders and tied lightly on my waist fall on the floor.

The bare fragrant nape of my neck is inviting, the sensuous curves and my naked body too.

I scoop up some melted chocolate and slowly smear it all over my body. A warm feeling and a tingle of wild sensations fills every limb....geez!!! what an elation!!!

In sync with the gentle rhythm of my heart, I slowly touch and lubricate every single part of my body.

My eager tongue even agrees, to lick the chocolate that is dripping down my lips

I can see! your beautiful eyes gaze! as you follow every move

Neil ( Oh ) dear!....this might take a while, but who cares, I am enjoying it to the brim!

and If I'm done! a long, refreshing shower with you next to me would be the cat's meow!!

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