My World

by Heather

This didn’t surprise me
I have been trying to live a normal life
and now it’s a weird feeling to know
That now I'm the one that keeps this family together

It’s unfortunate to see my brother without his father
Although we see my stepfather every weekend
It’s not something I like
For the reason is his home is full of cigarettes and beers

I do not want to grow up and think
My brother has to live with an alcoholic father
who doesn’t know who he is hurting.
And is not aware of the effects of how he is abusing his body
He thinks it is normal

No child should ever live with a father that
abuses his body in front of him/her
What will I have to tell him when his father arrives home drunk?
Should I say he's acting crazy?
What is the right term that I can use to describe this situation?

I'm truly fed up with his attitude towards my family
The worst part about my brother is that he has asthma
When my father smokes, I have to close the door
of the room that my brother is in
So he does not end up choking

I want to say something
I know that what I say
Will not change him
My mother cannot say anything
This is the biggest thing that drives me insane

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