Nature's Realm

by Daniel Miltz
(Hampstead, NH)

Nature's Realm

Feb 19, 2017• By daniel miltz •

Earthy barmy leafs scurry
Pulling rapidly in peak flurry
Lamenting blind as mists worry

Crude cool calm earth attacks slowly
Silly calm breeze shoo wholly
Sharp plume vanishes hollowly

Descending riveted cloud gleam
Sputtering upon scratching stream
Hurries vacantly in sprinkling steam

Lying oaks bewail 'n bemoan
Unobtrusively giggling delicately unknown
On clear red foundlings windblown

Deciduous elm trees fluster
As slow clouds be one of cluster
Above and slowly disappears in a duster

Suavity forlorn pebbles grieve
Amongst sluggish ol' buttermilk sky heave
As stars twinkling thru' pea soup vapor retrieve

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