Never Did I Think...

by Leanne Burroughs
(Gauteng, South Africa)

When we typed those very first words,
How could we possibly have known?

Destiny can curl her fingers around flying lines of unseen
Purposefully crossing lines formerly a - far
Somehow, between the immeasurable and infinite,
Yours and mine connected
For that brief moment, the infinite static energy – made sense – became isolated
As to tune two single souls.

Your smile is what caught my instant attention
One that could light up any night,
Chase the cold out of any dark ally of a wounded heart
You walk with a warmth, thawing each corner
Your words melt each broken dream

I find myself staring at your photo
Touching the cold screen, wishing it immediate reality
Yet time seems too slow
Each tick more unbearable than the next
For the first time we are to meet

I wonder how it would feel to touch your skin
To lie in your arms
To smell you, breathe you in
To have every sense of me overwhelmed by just you
See your chest rise and fall

I close my eyes
See you take me up in your arms
Like a tide enclosing the shore
Each breath a new wave
I pinch myself; are you real
Understanding differences between reality and fantasy
Yet you are all and more

How can you fall so much in love,
With someone who you have not met?
Because it is the words which reveal,
The very heart …
Your words made it so easy for me,
For your heart and soul live in every line.

There is no distance between two hearts,
When it's love like yours and mine.

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