never figured out

by Mitzi
(United States)

this is not a poem it is a song i wrote so here goes

1st verse
got questions that dot got explanations im just wonderin why i cant live up to these expectations sometimes its like the worlds spinnin its a rolla coasta it goes slow,fast,slow then its ova but only till the next crowd comes around its neva truley ova til the casket drops an they put u in da ground, then when u think lifes finally figured things out the next crowd comes round an it all keeps goin around.

before long the spotlight is gone an
life takes ya down anotha path
another shot 2 figure things out
an ya put ya life on da line for one
more shout; truth is ya never really
figure life out its unexplainable
you just cant map life out

Verse 2
Your in da crowd theyre yellin ya name so loud
neva knew what it felt like with the fame tearin ya inside out
ya get used to da fame an havin ya name all about
ppl beggin u 4 an autograph they sayin do it 4 da crowd
an u take one look at the crowd an cant picture not
havin them around so ya write ya name on a sheet of paper
n spread ya fame around. every time ya toss a dime ya put ur family on da line theyre so patient but u dont even pay em back with family time an once again u put em in da line

repeat chorus

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