Never Forgotten: An Ode To Addiction

by Anne Stockholm
(London, UK)

You can cheat and you can lie.

You can blow ‘til you get high.

You can smoke and you can drink.

You can even refuse to think.

But what do you have when all of it is gone?

Who will be there when the tough times take on?

Even the toughest weep sometimes.

Even the law commits a crime.

So how will you be when the smog settles?

How will you be when you lose your battles?

You’re a disgrace.

You live a demon’s life.

How could you go on…?

…forgetting what is right?

How is it that you find the nerve to smile…?

…when you’re rotting inside, all the damn while?

You used to be nice, innocent and true.

Look at what your weakness did to you.

You seem proud even though you’re losing.

Did you ever wonder why everyone’s leaving?

You choose to act as if you’re on top.

Climbing on still, high on your rock.

And then you come home, not letting mummy know

Such disgusting ways you choose not to show

Tell me are you ashamed, perhaps?

Why the hell do you do it then, you sorry piece of crap?

What power do you gain when you let it corrupt you?

A moment’s high, just to get in the mood?

But what happens when the effect subsides?

Will you escape your haunting lies?

Your “friends” can’t heal your wounds inside

Wake up, asshole, there’s nowhere to hide

Don’t be mad, I’m just telling the truth

Telling the story that is all about you

No twists, no lies and no wrong turns

This is the part where you learn to learn

It’s not yet too late to take it all back

But some will refuse and that’s a sad fact

Just settle with the little things you still have

If they’re not enough, learn to be glad

See in the map, you only have three ways

Up, down and simply sideways

It’s up to you which path you choose

To win it all back? Or continue to lose?

I’ll call you a dumbass and you can call me a bitch

But I’m the bitch who pulled over when you needed a hitch

You can hate me and curse me in a way that you please

But this bitch will still be here when everyone leaves

I want to see you come that fine day

When you’ll realise it’s enough and you’ll kneel down to pray

Until then I’ll be ready to go

No matter what we are, friend or foe…

(Originally Completed July 2009)

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