Never goodbye, Just see you Later

I will come to you sometimes in an elven dream
You will know by my words, and real it will seem
An elf with long white hair, running in bare feet
When the rain falls like a gentle mist putting you to sleep
And if you ever walk amongst the trees in a land where nature is alive
You'll hear my laugh, glance my dance, and sometimes hear my cries
I'll have the fairies pour dust on you so you will always be blessed with what you need
And treasure everything around; I'll plant for you a lotus seed
I pray the troubles stay behind you, when you're lonely listen hard for me
My voice will be soft, but I will sing to you
We made a bond that none can sever. Call on me when you're blue
I will restore the parts of the elf and fairy that I've always felt inside
And I will heal all your troubles and help you let go of your pride
I'm forever in debt to you for standing by my side
I'll send a light breeze to slumber and resting, I summon those to cure your soul
For the part of heart you possess I pray spiritually, Godly separately, we become whole
Live the peace Mother Nature has given; stop to enjoy the rain, the leaves, and the dew
Open up your heart or miss life's true divinities, If you're ever weary this is what you do
Always there next to you my friend, call, write , we are never that far apart
Whisper my name to old oak trees and they will call when you search with your heart

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Jun 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

just one word "WOW"!!
you have written it very beautifully :)
keep writing!!

Sep 26, 2011
well done
by: Anonymous

you are a good artist keep it up

May 21, 2011
well done
by: McCollonough Ceili

What a lovely poem, speaking words of the heart.

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