Never Trust Women

by Tijjani Grema

The rumour has now turned to one lane.
The truth came out as a being and slaps me on my face.
I didn't feel the pain, but I felt the pain of what I heard.
A young female, respectful, beautiful and caring to all beings
has now turn into a monster.
The domestic animal has now gone deep into the forest
and turned itself into a wild beast.
Let me open it wide and widely for you readers,
because I can sense some were already lost in those few words I uttered.
There lives a young girl, almost an adult. Fair in complexion, beautiful and cute in the eyes of all.
It happens that I am her friend, a brother and almost her lover.
She leans on me whenever the world turn its back on her.
She used to wet my shirt with her tears
when something bad caused her tap to overflow.
She told me most or all of her secrets,
because she believed in me as she said one day.
"You are the only person I trust and I will give you my heart to hold and feel the heart beat of it" she said.
I accept the fact that I am good to her,
and I was happy that she trusted me so much.
But today, I felt so sad over what I heard.
ONE OF THE BADDEST GUYS is going out with her,
and it happens to be a porn star. The moment the bad news landed on my ears, I sat down on the floor, my shoulders sagged, looking tired and my eyes moistened with my flowing tears.
I kept my head down, inspecting the earth
like I was searching for something.
I lingered in that posture for a while
before I noticed that I was on the floor.
My heart started to beat fast, like it was racing to be first place in a race. I went to my room, and without changing into my nightwear,
I lay on my bed with my shoes still on.
I didn't notice it, till the birds sang the song that soothes the ears of a new day. I awoke and found out how I slept. At first, I laughed at myself, and within some seconds, I drifted back to my thoughts and fetched out the sadness that led me to my bed confused.
And as of that day, the girl I called my friend and my lover
vanished in my world
and followed the footsteps of the man she thinks of as her real lover.
This is the rumour that gave itself to the truth, my fellow readers. I was told before, never to trust women, but my ears were deaf at the time. But today, I learned from what has happened to me. And I think, you, you and you should learn from it. My pen is tired and my fingers are complaining too. I think I should stop here, and continue the journey that leads to the future.

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