night poem

by Sophia

The night is an elegant and graceful ballerina prancing and dancing around.
Its unblemished white leotard twirls and swirls as she spins round and round.
The kind and gentle side of night is comforting and calm and it wipes away all your fears.
Whereas the other side of night is ferocious and vile, it is a dark spooky range of fog.
Its hair cascades down to the ground, her cobalt blue eyes glisten and shine with hope at all times.
Night comforts you by its bright, glistening glow. The flamboyant yellow stars trance you into your sweet slumber.
There is never a doubt within the face. She will always have a big curved smile spread on her face.
It is comforting and reassuring; her face is always so concerned, and full of curiosity.
She stays calm, and gentle, no matter what is happening around her, her sweet smile always stays the same, kind and caring.
She moves in a swift slow action. As the cold breeze carries on throughout the night, she sparkles and shines lighting up the sky.

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