Nights of Realization and Existance

by Christina Shrewsbury
(New York )

NIghts of Realization and Existance

NIghts of Realization and Existance

Part I:

Running with lost souls,
Dying with the darkness.
The light is not seen,
It is but at the end of the corridor,
In the shadows of death.
It has not been seen except in human imagination.
Light is wanted; but cannot be grasped.
Attracted to the darkness for the sake of loneliness.
There's no going back.
The light is gone.
The souls have taken over.
They are seeking the ruin of light.
For light has never existed even at the beginning of time.
Eve and Adam were the first of our humanity- and yet without any knowledge,
Committed sin.
It is not found.
It does not exist.
It is something that has been created in the human subconscious for hope.
But the only thing that lies in this world is evil and luck.
Those very few pure of heart,
Suffer to be mad.
They wish to taste a slither of the darkness which lingers in their body's forces.
Good acts exist,
not pure goodness.
Light is Lucifer- how is it good?
It died within our unimaginative abyss.
No one will return it.

Part II:

And in these darkest nights,
Where I dream alone.
I dream of love.
A love that itself cannot be demolished after death had made it do part.
In these darkest nights,
I dream of a lover.
One who has raised out of the cracks of hell.
One who has found the light and will share it with me.
In these darkest nights,
Where I am one too afraid to present true emotion...
The silence of death will prevail my thoughts as I come to sense my madness,
My madness of love and death,
Dark and light.
It is not a matter whether it is to be without a lover,
but for the love not to exist within you.
In these darkest nights,
When I search deep within my thoughts...
In the depths of my mind,
And simply ponder...
Is when I truly feel at peace with the tranquility of silence.
Is when I truly feel what death is comparable to.
But also,
What it is to breathe.
In these darkest nights is when my imagination takes flight and I am no longer bound to Earth.
I am free in other planes and the universe,
To explore and feel what will never touch the soul of this world.
In these darkest nights-
When I open my eyes.
I realize...
What it is,
to be in existence.
And that is a marvelous thing.

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