No Joking!

by DAMO!

T’was after the pub, she came back to mine
Where we had a few more glasses of wine
I told her I didn’t do it with people I hardly know
She begged until I agreed I would give it a go.

Now I was only just getting into it
When I noticed she was all a quiver
And I panicked just a little bit
Would I be able to deliver?

Her breathing got heavier as things went on
Squeals of pleasure I heard, Truly!
And it took a great deal of concentration
To make sure I did not finish prematurely

I thought she might be faking it
But wondered if she could
Well maybe just a little bit
I can’t have been that good.

Her whole body started shaking
She seemed to lose control
And I knew she was not faking
When I saw her two eyes roll

Did she know that she was shrieking
That she smiled from ear to ear
There seemed no point in my speaking
For I knew she would not hear

My God she was really sweating
And tears ran down her face
But at this point I was fretting
Could her heart stand up to this pace

And when I finished I was quite nervous
though I’ve never seen such a reaction.
She looked absolutely delirious
Pleased beyond distraction

And later when she was at ease
These were the words she spoke
Whatever you do Damo please
Never tell me another joke!!

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