No Magic In Sadness

by Jack Sorenson
(Los Gatos, California)

No Magic in Sadness

One person may say;
I have looked sadder before now,
or miserable,
i.e. waiting for my many new woes, to be gone—“

No magical flick of a wand of mine
produces any good magic
to help or aid
when sadness comes into ones own life,
willful wishes more clever than before,
magic conjures escapes,
the body and mind,

Few words have been said,
magic lays about next to
my wand-heavy footfalls of many old wizards before myself spiritually
now have just walked away,
madness befell the runes of all wizards,

To give that cheer to one face
sadness of the heart brings a dim light
to many other faces as well as your own

A word used to describe anything,

Is truly not similar to thingamajig,
whachamacallit, or chingadera,

Look for the light in many of their eyes–
it's not there
You of all people might know
where their orients color is hidden from,
The wand lays still and so does it cleaver magic to bring back this wizard's smile—

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