No One Really Knows

by Abi James
(Southampton, Hampshire, England)

No one really knows,
The pain and the woes.
For the sorrow,
And for tomorrow.
Another day,
A different way.
Time to grieve,
Those who leave.

For me who knows
What the future may hold.
Take in everything that I’ve been told.
I could be great,
Or maybe I’ll hate
the world that made me this way,
There will come a day.
When I’m proud to say,
I was born this way.

When this day may come,
I may rise like than the sun,
Or fall flat on my face.
I am delicate like lace.

The good and the bad I’ve shared,
Its time to admit I’m scared.
Scared of the future,
I have that picture.
A perfect life,
Husband and wife.

For this is the end,
Time to make to and mend.
Mend this broken heart,
Time for a fresh start.

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