No shucking Small Talk...

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

no bull! i wanna be ur noble body guard!

no bull! i wanna be ur noble body guard!

Contains More Than Kernel Of Truthful

alienation, expulsion, ostracization
from body politick
if member of society resistant,
indifferent, adamant, et cetera

despite differentiation
(across the figurative board)
intolerance opposing ethos,
asper unspoken social graces extant

(albeit manifested amidst diverse
livingsocial variations) within
rubric of global civilizations primal,
oral, nonverbal, et cetera codas

automatically decreeing manual Kant
instilled from cradle
to grave impossible mission scant
acceptance toward recalcitrant
challenging precepts via rave and/or rant

thus when born into whatever culture,
steeped with historical paradigm
one can protest superficial nigh cities
til ivy blue in the face,

or try to concoct a feeble rhyme
but culture club richly identified, endowed,
brewed from heritage long time
ago until the cows come home to roost

hence creative pursuits one direction
can turn to swiftly tailor
if harried styled
with perceived restrictive parameters

and cuss like a sailor
with song and dance routine
(perhaps appearing on Dancing
With The Stars), or

choosing subterfuge viz
writing nefarious malware code, where mailer
daemons spring to life, when computer code
following infinitely jesting illogic causing exhaler

(case in point - myself, hoot
ends tubby humorous) as yukon gauge
yet another Internet end user might experience
greater reason to rage

against the machine before
turning rogue gushing renegade, stage
jing anarchy against disparity
with equal pay, cuz a working wage

aint nuttin boot peanuts
so if strong willed, hook hairs
if you appear like a putz
just realize doggerel
of this pooch iz gaseous boot utterly without guts
and hangs around the junkyard
with other nerdy mutts.

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