No Words for Love

by Dakota
(Somewhere Burning)

Love is not air,
you can't live without air.
From the beginning, no one ever knows
who they will fall love with at birth,
no, they find them and give them string
that holds what they are here,
and you always hear how that one guy
gets the girl, but have you ever
thought about the other guy?
How he feels?
Watching someone you love
go off with someone else
can make you lose yourself,
lose what makes you human,
if truly do love that person.
For true love is love that has
the ultimate grasp on you and
you can not escape it,
and if you escape the pain of
that love alive
then you were never truly in love.
But to be put through this torture is
worse than burning alive,
for I would rather
burn in hell for eternity than
face the pain of the sight of
a true love loving someone else.
The only reason to live is
the hope of another chance to
let that love know they own you
but it's so hard to tell them
for to lose them as a friend as a result
of the awkwardness you cause will kill you.
If you hadn't already realized,
I am speaking of myself
and as i speak I am dying inside,
but i always wonder
what i have done that
makes me deserving of this suffering
for no one should have
to suffer like this.
It is pain without end,
so painful that
for all i know
these could be my last words,
For the one i love, Ashlee,
is killing me inside and
I cannot and do not blame her,
for in reality this is much my own fault,
for my cowardliness and conflicted mind.
For everyday I'm living in a hell
but I cover it up with goofiness
and happiness
so that no one feels my burden
for it would be wrong to
make others feel this.
I only write this in hope that
peace may come to my mind,
Love, is incomparable,
for nothing could ever be compared to
such a thing.
But in truth love isn't completely horrible,
as long as you're not the one
having the chain yanked from your chest.

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