Nor'easter Climax

by Daniel Miltz
(Hampstead, NH U.S.A)

Nor'easter Climax

{Free Verse}
Mar 15, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz •

Snow storm with a name
I faced the storm
A nor'easter came
With winds whistling
It howled with rage
Each hour it gotten stronger
Harsh winds were a blowing
I saw as the night start
Shadows of snow-flakes, shining
Tumbling into snowy ecstasy
Crescent moon smiled down
Hidden within the shadows of eve'

Before long, the moment of fury
Was devouring in twinkling vanity
Street seethe was making big appearance
In frantic, theatrical, vigor
Clammy with sweat, as the night ascend
Snowy scatter, whirly, whirl
Twisted, white and gemmed
Among, great white columns
Groaning in whitened envy
Rushing with mirth
Amid rustling sounds, through the weeds
As sobbing winter-end groaned saucily

Stagnant air was filling up
And breezing through without a care
Frigid wet snow vomitted, breathlessly
A la mode the terrestrial terrain
Whilst, morning rised in orchestral splendor
As pristine wintry morn' prayed faintly
Snapping and rippling with glee
In aftermath, the crystalline whiteout
Laughed and giggled, insidiously
Into the mist of peaceful bliss
As God drew nature in artistic flurries
And snow angels danced into the day

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