Not for me, We Can't be!

by Crystal
(Unites States)

Getting close to you..
This could be a problem,
No matter what i do,
It's not the right thing,
Getting close to you,
I don't know what to do,
How do I stop it?
And if I can't,
How do I pause it?
You can't see the real me,
You'll turn your back,
You'll run away,
I can't stand to feel that pain,
Once again,
Getting close to you,
Is the worst thing i could do.
Your a boy..
I'm a girl,
It might be meant to be,
but not for me,
I Can't handle it..
It's to much,
to hold another's heart,
When I still can't keep track of mine,
Its like a ticking bomb,
I'll end up doing something wrong..
But yet, I wanna be closer,
Whats wrong with me?
Being close to you,
Isn't something I should do.
Although I wanna be with you.
I can't be. Its not meant to be.
Although it could be, just not for me..

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