Not Ugly

by Caneel

All those models we see on the pages of magazines
Flipping crisp pages, sighing in envy
I wish I could be like her.

All those fake, fake women standing tall
Gaining false confidence from the mask of computer alteration they wear
She's so pretty...

All those girls who misunderstand this as beauty
Trying to lose weight and wear size 0
Why am I so fat compared to her?

All those poor teenage girls who judge themselves against computerized perfection
Feeling stupid and overweight and sad
Is there something wrong with me?

All those females clamoring to fit in and be as beautiful as those models
Buying many, many products that claim to be the best because
I want to be that girl

All those young women
Some trying to look like a model
Some not caring
But all wishing to be

I'm so ugly

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