O Queen of Battles

by Shashi
(Chennai, India)

O Queen of Battles

Sun, set down, finally on the Kingdom
It lay shattered amidst the bloodbath of the ground
And the mighty warriors, with their broken pride,
Dying under the blood soaked, sight and sound
Head, though, still attached and still held high
Many a questions flickering in their fading lifeless eyes

O King!
Why now you are kneeling, on the lost earth
Made of dust, not strutting on your throne
Swaying with pride and charming queen
On your side
Why now you are waiting for the final blow
Why now, finally, you are kneeling, on the lost earth?

Do you have no more warriors to feed, to your frenzy
Of power, lust and to unconquered lifeless mass of dust?
No more Elder’s, Brother’s and Son’s,
You have hidden
In your treasured blood red Chest

No more duty bound warrior souls
To fuel the spine chilling flames of your hunger
Don’t you feel the freezing coldness streaks of hatred,
Streaking from the funeral pyres
Of our wives, daughters and mothers
Already carved unto our dying hearts
And to yours, more so of deadly desires.

O Queen!
Why did you loose your self
In the arms of a man’s desire, to own
And then disown
In one full sweep of your wandering heart.
Why did you plan the fall of the mighty kingdom
In the Trojan of your lust.

Where did you hide your golden covetous charm,
When the ugly face of your hunger, lie unmasked?
Did you burry it with your offspring of passions,
Innocent children of your lust
Who now lie dead besides us?
You are still saving it for the victor
When he strides across our dead faces,
Trampling on our pride and removing all our traces
In the oblivion of history’s dust.
To welcome him into your arms
With another set of honeyed charms
To ride out into the horizon of another sun dawn
Of another blood lust
Along with another victor's fresh blood

O Queen of Battles
When will you conquer your bloody thirst?

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