by Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, Ca, USA)

Entering the valley of Yosemite,
Breathtaking views of beauty.
As the sun rises casting its spell,
Giving mankind stories to tell.

Granite monuments fill the skies,
Around every bend another surprise.
To my right my breath taken away,
Bridal Falls, a magnificent display.

Nearby not far, Yosemite Falls I see,
Nature making another stately decree.
Am I awake or am I living in a dream,
Standing here beside this passing stream?

This Sabbath day I find in thee,
The poet’s quest of living in eternity.

Across this country’s mighty land, I go,
From the sky above and the vale below.
I praise Him whose mountains rise,
From fertile valleys to moonlit skies.
Stand firm and sure, mighty and free,
In all your granite splendor, O Yosemite.

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