Oblivious to the Obvious

by Warwick Lane
(Eastbourne, Sussex, England)

Like a cat unable to realise he was employed to catch mice,
Or an antiques dealer missing his chance to bargain a price.
I cannot read or understand romantic situations with girls,
Their minds are strange like mine, intricate spiralling twirls.

That said, they aren’t as complicated as they may seem,
We have our own judgements but we refuse to believe.
Dropping subtle hints, how she wants someone like me,
But surely it can’t be me, you should find me unsightly.

The cat is still motionless as the mice create mayhem,
Our antiques dealer is forking out twice he should pay them.
Yet meanings become stronger, we share the same loves,
Mutual emotions and tastes should be a sign from above.

All because we can’t accept the truths in our situations,
Obscure interpretation becomes the focus of our fixation.
But the grass really is green, our skies are simply blue,
And the girl making these hints really does like you.

Occam’s razor is a law I learnt about not long ago,
Perhaps too late as my past experiences will show.
Your first instinct more often than not is the right one,
Difficulty lies in pursuing this instinct before it is gone.

Let cats catch the mice, allow antiques dealers to haggle,
Or they will spend their lives facing a constant struggle.
More importantly don’t ignore a spark of love in the air,
Pursue it, embrace it, you must not run away scared.

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