Ode To Art

by Noah Baer
(Glenview, IL., USA)

As a small pen shoots across the page, a line is born.
As I draw a person going, going, gone.
Sailing through a fjord,
telling ancient tales of yore.
The sea then spirals down,
a splintering CRACK of brown.
The ship is split in twain.
The crew is whisked away, just to set a scene another day.
Two teens, leaving a blue spray.
‘More Pay’, it reads.
The warning is acknowledged.
All this, captured on a paper.
A tear falls,
and a wet splash echoes through the halls.
Reflecting off of the walls, the sound goes further.
As the fair maiden calls, looking for a hero to emerge.
All this, captured on paper.
And through the deep spirals of my pen, something deeper.
Maybe a grim reaper.
For I can control this small world,
and I determined how it twirled,
such a long time ago.
Another world, on my fingertips.
I determine who trips,
and who performs the most magnificent flips.
For you see, this is my kingdom.
All on 8.5 by 11 paper.
And now I seal the envelope.
Goodbye, hope,
as it all fades into the recycling bin.
I whisk out another paper, and the cycle goes on.
I think I’ll write another hymn.

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