She would greet me in the morning,and she would greet me late at night, But she'd never complain about where I'd been when I'd come home in the early light, And she sometimes went without her meals but again there was nothing said, She just showed me love and affection when drunk I'd go to bed . She had no interest in make-up or for jewellery or fancy cars , She had a face..such a beautiful face but was never seen in bars . She had such a strong devotion so from me that was also there , Even when our room was covered in the remnants of her greying hair . If you haven't guessed before this point I'm speaking of mans best friend , They're all the same our furry friends they'll love you till their end . So you can keep your high class pedigrees and I don't care what you paid , Cause I've got my precious memories of my priceless girl named JADE . REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND ..I love you .

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by: Anonymous

love it !!

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