Ode To My Mom

by Amanda Carter

Just a little girl with a lot of energy
and endless scraped knees
Bouncing off the walls
and climbing up every tree
I refused to eat my veggies,
stomped up every stair
Waiting for the goblin king or
even Santa to come and rescue me
As a teenager I knew everything
without knowing anything
My mum was always there for us
even if her life wasn’t going to plan
I hit puberty and all hell was let loose
I'd argue, bitch and throw a tantrum
Stamp upstairs, slam my door
and shout as only a teenager can
My mum taught us to treasure our independence’
To never just throw my innocence away
That my self respect was of paramount importance
If he was my soul mate then he would wait
Live your life and enjoy every day
Until you have children of your own
I will then instil them with
the exact same advice and morals
So one day they will get a job
and run their own home
I have always thought back
to the things my mum has taught me
Throughout the journey of my everyday life
Now I have a job that makes me happy
and a husband of my own
I see myself a loving and loyal wife
I still use the phone and call my mum
Whenever things don’t go right
When I have exciting news or even just a natter
And if ever me and my husband or his mother fight
So I just want to say that
I love the bones of the woman who borne me
I know bringing a daughter up
and through her teens isn’t fun
Mum says she wasn’t perfect
but show me a parent that is
This is plain and simply an ode to my mum

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