Ode to My Two Moms on Mother's Day

by Amy

Difficult to imagine what you must have felt
When you found a baby was on the way
Unmarried and young in the Bible belt
At a time when you couldn’t display
That you were going to have a child
You persevered and carried her through
Nine months when you felt so alone.
This innocent one who could be reviled
If you kept her so you chose to do
What seemed to be right – you gave her a home.

You’d wanted a baby for so very long
You’d tried and already lost one child.
You chose adoption and soon came along
The offer of twin boys and your heart beat wild.
Then another call came, there was a little girl
Who needs you more than you need her.
You easily opened your home and your heart.
You dressed her up and watched her twirl
You allowed her to dream no matter what her dreams were
You gave her room to grow and the very best possible start.

The infant girl that was born out of sin
But adopted by love is now grown.
She knows of sacrifice and of kin
She knows how to live with unknowns.
She has children of her own these days
She’s the mother of two little boys.
She teaches them about all kinds of things.
She wants them to know there are many ways
To love someone and bring them joy
Her birthright gave them roots, but her adoption gives them wings.

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