Old dogs.

by John Smallshaw
(London, England)

Do you remember in the mist
When we kissed those ships goodbye?
Riding high on the Spanish Main
The reign supreme

And bearing down on Phillip's fleet and crown
Cannons roar and fencing foils
Gaining spoils?

Then somewhere up Tortuga way
A sheltered bay
Brandy and the local fare
Do you remember being there?

The salt..the spray did have a way of making life so real
The steal of winds across the bow
And how we hid when storms arose
The rosy glows
The lantern lights
The endless waving starry nights.

I remember all of this
The final Kiss as we went under
The gentle thunder in my ears
We buccaneers were born to die
To fly our masts on another Isle
I while away eternity in what could be

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