by LaVernard C. Mckinley Jr.
(Gainesville, FL)

Like the leaves in autumn fall from the trees
I too drop on bended knees
No longer do I want to be just your friend
Like eternity I want our love not to end
I want to reach new heights with you
And travel new journeys and avenues
And be like the sun that guides in light
I want to be your strength and your might
There is no other love that I could share
There is no other person that I could bare
You are the one that makes me complete
And I’m thankful for the day that we met
Your kindness always makes me glow
It gives me the courage to want to grow
You make me want to be a better man
And for that I’m asking for your hand
To hold and to cherish from this day forth
So our love can be just like a torch
I pray that God shelters us
Matures our faith and helps us
Become the woman and man he planned
From the beginning of time formed from the sand
No longer do I want to be incomplete
Erin Rollins will you marry me?

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