On my way to school

by Janaki

I din't travel by bus to school
Neither did my mother drive me there
With my friends and cousins
I had the best of childhood fun
During my primary school days
On my way to school

Early start from home
The tropical sun was warm
Kids from the neighborhood
Joined as we marched by
To feel the magic of the forest
On my way to school

Avoiding the main road
And the cobbled village lane
Away from the adult eyes
Swayed by the occult cries
Of the magic creepy crawlies
On my way to school

Shuffling through the silky webs
Of the watchful Arachno-spies
Slowing at the sight of scorpions
Scurrying beetles and centipedes
We had to crawl in the woods
On my way to school

The subtle sweet taste
Of the wild cardamoms
Was hardly enough to suck
and spit the pungent seeds
Yet it was a weird delicacy
On my way to school

Shiny purple Passion fruits
Velvety blue wild olives
Inky violet Bovitiyas
Rasamora and blackberries
Stimulated the taste buds
On my way to school

The years have gone by
Dwellings have reached the sky
Cobbled lane has disappeared
Motor cars are revered
I wander what the kids do now
On their way to school

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