On Reading Jerusalem (A book by Karen Armstrong )

by Indukuri venkata rama raju
(Point noire R.Congo)

“On reading JERUSALEM”
(A dedication to Karen Armstrong)

“Now at 50, with 30 years earnings and those combined Hindu family values,
Lost suddenly everything, utter dilemma and no more human hues,
No quotes from the holy Quran, the Bible or from our Geeta , But this book Jerusalem ,
Suddenly makes me to value who I am! , From three ions of Abraham, Hey! Sri Ram,
Forget about our swollen mind with a scientifically center of our earth,
Let new prophesies rain and away drain, the only birth, death and mirth,
On this ‘Zion’, the pole point, ever tied us,
A unique heavily charged ion, be our nucleus,
Be it Judaism, Christ ism and Islamism,
Those rays, only from the mount Sinai’ shining prism,
Had this silent song (your book) heard back long,
By our Indian Nehru, Pakistan Jinnah and the British strong,
Might that ‘Moses’ not have missed his promised land,
Here still be awaiting as our Kashmiri- tear drop-garland,
Around undivided Indian continent, and a grateful song,
A real queen, you are, our, ever ‘Karen arm strong’.
The way you have shown me the human mystery in Jerusalem,
Saved me as Noah’ ark to move away from my pent-up mundane problem.
I V Rama Raju
From R.Congo. Africa.

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