one pm.

by Snow
(Palmdale, CA, USA)

"what are you doing?"
my lips are meeting yours, your hands are meeting my waist, were tangled in the heat of the moment.
we're wasting time on a cloud of white, you pull me under you with so much ease, breathless, moaning, wanting, your body on top of mine couldn't be more inviting, you're fire on my skin and oh god, I want you all over bc your touch already burns me to the core and every time my legs pull you in closer, I'm consumed by you.
"i don't want to leave."
we'll relive these moments of bliss, your hands tangled in my hair, our mouths clashing into each other's, my hands mapping places I've been on your back and your mouth marking me like I'm your property, but you'll leave and I'll still be yours and the maps on your back will remind you to come back and we'll waste more time and we'll waste more breathes and we'll consume each other like the fires we are.

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