Only The Night Owl

by John
(London, England)

A good friend goes on to the end and doesn't drop out
half way through.

I knew some of them men
who were
some of the best men
You could wish for
for friends.

They say
It all ends when the fat lady sings
give me the wings and I'll fly far
to a different day and play this
game of life another way
and who knows
I could even win

The next time if it comes will be the time for our daughters and sons to make good friends

I won't be here then
I'll be with the other men in that other place
which may be the best place for me.

But we live and the choices we make
make this heart that we break that much colder
and getting older don't get you no wiser to the where and the why of why is it we try,

We teeter on the edge of trying too much and such is the way of some.

You call and if you meant me there is plenty though not twenty anymore and more like three score there's at least ten years left to go
come at me Delilah while I count my blessings to have had such a good friend as you.

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