Onomatopoeia Poems

We all remember those darling little Onomatopoeia Poems from grade school. They’re the ones that use words that imitate or sound just like the source of the sound they describe. Examples of these words are tick tock, roar, boom and slurp.

The writers at My Word Wizard have decided to revisit this lovable art form and try their hand at the genre.  So clap and beep or clang and jingle to express your delight at what they have put together!

We think you will really enjoy this very sweet genre.


My boys are my brothers
Without the aid of my father and my mother.
They don’t bounce when the bullets fly.
They stand up straight when my enemies drive by.
Many are called friends;
Fewer are called brothers -
A homey who gives his life for another.

Mom & Dad Are Home

Slam! Slam!
Go the car doors.  
Jangle! Jangle!
Go the house keys.
Jiggle! Jiggle!
Go the keys in the door.
Goes the front door!
Thump! Thump!
That is me running down the stairs.
Guess what?
Mom and Dad are home!!

The Game

Clap! Clap!
Stomp! Stomp!
Swish! Swish!
This is the way we get through
Our games.
The crowd shouts,
The ball soars through the air.
Then, bounce, bounce, bounce.
The audience holds its breath.
The ball goes in;
We win!


Crack! Crack!
The fire crackles under the stars.
Sizzle! Sizzle!
The water sizzles above the fire.
Crunch! Crunch!
The campers crunching on potato chips.
Click! Clack! Click! Clack!
The tent poles clicking and clacking together.
Rustle! Rustle!
As we prepare our sleeping bags to go to sleep.
Chirp! Chirp!
The crickets say, “good-night”.

To Grandma’s We Go

Rumble! Rumble!
The thunder roars.
Drip! Drip!
The rain comes down.
Boom! Boom!
The thunder shakes the window panes.
Run to the car! Run to the car!
Splash! Splash!
To Grandma’s we go
For hot cocoa.
Zoom! Zoom!

Pool Party

Kids are running everywhere.
Running and Splash –
Falling in the pool.
The music plays –
Stomp! Stomp!
The children dance.
Finally, the food is off the grill-
Munch, munch, munch!

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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