Our Last Day

by Andrea
(Houston, Texas)

Our very last day is drawing near,
the final day of our Senior year.
A time to laugh, a time to cry,
but never time to say good-by
It seems like only yesterday
when we went out on our first date.
Do you remember what our parents
said when we were late?
The very next day our friends
were all curious.
to see if our parents were furious.
Ours friends were always there
to get us through the day,
and somehow they always knew
the right things to do or say.
Now the day has come
the day is finally here.
We always thought we couldn't wait
but now we're all in tears,
because we want just one more day
to tell our friends goodbye.
It could be a while before
we see them again
and we can't help but cry.
We're not completely sure of
what to do or say,
but if we had a wish,
We'd wish for another day,

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