by Jillian Campbelton
(East Yorkshire)

Take me on a journey lord, but only you and I
Hold my hand dear father, let us touch the sky
Take me to the highest point with mountains carpeted in blue
show me where the angels play just me and you

Let me touch a rainbow and feel the beauty there
were all our souls have magic, no more pain to bare

Let me wrap it around me with colours purple and gold
let it heal my broken heart, replenish my soul

Take me further on our journey to the last place I would go
It's right inside your great big heart this I think you know
I'd take a look around it what colours I would see, a place so full
of love and hope that's where I'd want to be

Our journey's at an end now lord but I'm certain of what I've found
for right inside that heart of yours is heaven's sacred ground

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