Our Teacher Our Hero

by Teresita Biscaro
(Mandaluyong City, Philippines)

A Teacher is your parent
when you are far from home
When Mom and Dad are busy
They look out for you and me

When we only know our ABC
You increase our vocabulary
Right after nursery rhymes
You helped us discover history

And when our parents don’t understand
You’re there for us to confide
You are our comforting zone
We feel we’re not alone

You loved thousands of children
In teaching 25 years or more
I wonder where they’ve gone now
Some of them don’t even show

A night like this to remember
To share memories we hold
On how you have encouraged me
to follow what I've been told

We rise and fall and up again
As we are taught to be
And as we grew and aged by then
We keep our dignity

When we’re lost you’re there to find
And guide us from day to day
And because you’re one of a kind
This is your especial day

All stand up and give them a hand
To our beloved Teachers, our Heroes

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