by Gay Reiser Cannon
(Port Aransas, TX)

A Tale of the Sixties

Pacific songs heard many years away
When salty winds of freedom splashed across the bay
And the crash of waves across the land
Were sung by youth and truth sought younger hands
To say that Beauty's aim was just to be
And in so being be left alone to breathe
To germinate and grow and in fairness be
Allowed to sow ideas of trust and love and peace.

But youth's ideals confronted wars results
That made dissent and fears unfold;
Fears that changed the country's thoughts
And scarred the vanguard's souls.

So we listened through the years
Hearing in our roaring ears
A pacific song of pride and love
Stop war with war and win.
Fight for peace; peace and war,
That surely must yield victory and love.

Love and war; without, within,
So today a change of key
As all things past ascend a minor melody.
The guard is changed...

Our children endlessly
Repeat the tragedy
War and Peace
Love-- no victory.

© Gay Reiser Cannon All Rights Reserved

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